Education is an interaction between two minds, the teacher and the taught, between two lives, the one which has been lived sufficiently and the other which is yet to be lived. It is therefore extremely relevant and important to have teacher of right quality and commitment to values that he or she is supposed to transmit to a young impressionable mind. The quality of education must be reflected in the quality of life, in its value and grace, in the culture of the social and individual mind and last in our intellect and technological competence to face and master the problems before us.In education process-There has to be judicious blending of the oriental and the occidental, spiritually and scientifically temper at all stages. This alone would lead to idealization of the real and realization of the ideal.Any education process worth its name, content and quality must produce an individual who has to be happy blending of ? Values? and knowledge, a holy inner-self and an honest outer self, humane in his or her social responsibilities.Values the child develops are the sum total of the environment in the country in general and the environment prevailing at home and the school in particular. Values are imbibed and not taught. Values can neither be bought off the shelf nor can they be etched by a hammer and chisel. They have to be dinned consciously on the mind of the child. The needs of the hour are Public Schools. A public school practices a technique of character training to turn out men of initiative, endurance, responsibility, unimpeachable integrity and above all leaders of men in all spheres of activity. Public schools should not be discarded in an erroneous belief that they are foreign concept. To my mind foundation to India?s cultural heritage, traditions and value system was laid by the ancient system of ?Gurukul? ; an educational pattern identical to our Public School institution.


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